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Remembering Isabella on Her First Birthday

A few months after Isabella died, my husband and I commented that the first year would fly by. It did.
Had life been different, we would have a one-year-old. Since we have not watched Isabella grow up, I cannot even imagine what life would be like these days with a toddler. Intellectually I know our daughter would be either walking or on the cusp of taking her first steps, using a handful of word approximations, full of giggles and smiles, and getting into mischief. There would be portions of days where we would be at our wits end, exhausted, frustrated, and yearning for adult conversation. We’d have read books to her hundreds of times and be diaper-changing pros. We would have been able to pick out her cry from a roomful of babies, known the color of her eyes, and seen the sparkle of delight in them as she explored. And we would have taken it for granted.
Instead of having a one-year-old, we are one year closer to seeing our daughter again. Our home is quiet, the nursery unused, and …

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