Without a doubt, spring is here. Today I saw pink and white cherry blossoms, vibrant forsythia, white and yellow daffodils in yards, and new buds on trees.

For several months the entire bosque was hues of brown. Coming over the main overpass you would see a swath of bare cottonwoods by the river. This week, the bosque has a hint of green. Trees in the valley look dusted with pistachio and peppermint. It is a beautiful time of year in New Mexico.

The only downside to spring here is the wind. New Mexico winds are not gentle breezes; they gather dust, grit, and dirt in painful gales, completely blinding the senses. Since the West Mesa is still mainly desert and new developments, spring winds from the west can diminish visibility. Last week there was so much dust in the wind that you could not see the mountains at all.

I love seeing seasons change. Hooray for five senses (especially eyesight) and mobility.


Ethan said…
You know California has no seasons at all...how horrible it is to live here! =P

Enjoy the seasons for me there, ok? =)
Elizabeth said…
Will do! You should come out and visit soon :).

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