I have never traveled abroad. After my freshman year in high school I went on a two week mission trip to Mexico. My senior year in college I spent about five hours in Vancouver during Spring Break. That is the extent of my foreign travel.

My husband spent six months in Spain studying Spanish. He also traveled to Japan less than a year ago. Neither of us are world travelers, but we would like to be.

A couple months ago we started throwing out the idea of travel. We received enough money for our wedding that we could go almost anywhere we wanted. What a blessing! So...we decided to go to Europe!

My top two destinations are the UK and Italy. The UK because of the ridiculous number of books I've read set in England. And they speak English. I took six years of Latin during school, which does not help abroad communication, but I did fall in love with Italy.

After much discussion, we are planning on going to Italy sometime in July! We are considering visiting Rome, Florence, and Venice. There are so many websites offering discounted trips to Europe. Our current favorite is European Destinations. If you have been to Italy, do you have any recommendations?

I am so excited to travel to Europe! Six years of Latin may prove to be useful on more than SAT vocab.


Richelle said…
Ahhhh! I'm so excited for you two! Have you ever seen "Under the Tuscan Sun"? If you have, you must have Tuscany on your list of Italian places to see. I would DIE to go there. The rolling hills and vineyards and warm colors everywhere. Yes please!
Be sure to take lots of photos so that the rest of us can live vicariously through you. love you.

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