While we believe birth control was the source of my recent headaches, both my husband and I decided to go to the allergist today for tests.

I am a complete and total wimp. Once the RN starting pricking my skin with the blunt needle, I was a wreck. It should not be a surprise - when I got stitches in between my toes in 6th grade they needed to shut every door between me and the waiting room because of my screams. But that was many, many years ago. Grownups don't cry over a few needles, right?

The first few pricks hurt, but for some reason I started giggling uncontrollably. My legs kept almost kicking the nurse, so they had to be held down. By the third row I was a sobbing, twitching, blubbering mess.

My younger sister had the same test done two weeks ago. We both had about 70 stabs. She did not flinch even once. Yes, we do have the same parents.

Since several people in my family have odd food allergies (rice, cinnamon, green beans) we decided to mainly test food allergies. After all that torture, I was relieved to find I do have a few allergies.

I am allergic to:
broccoli (mild)
cauliflower (mild)
juniper (moderate)
cottonwood trees (mild)
elm trees (moderate)
cats (severe)

My husband:
mulberry trees (severe)
juniper (moderate)
various weeds
cottonwood trees
elm trees

After the allergy test, getting my blood drawn was almost no big deal. As we were walking out of the allergist my husband said, "if we ever have kids, please get an epidural."

Photo from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/carradine65/508659723/


lextra said…
Hey, Elizabeth. You sure tell a good story. Sorry it was such a an unsettling experience, but you can't get good material about which to write without a little trauma now and then, huh? :-) At least now you know that when you two do any landscaping, you won't choose to plant junipers, elms, or cottonwoods!

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