Getting Used to Marriage...Cooking!

I honestly have no idea how my mom managed to make a homemade meal every single night. Sure, about three times a year we ordered pizza and once a week had leftovers, but that is a lot of cooking! How did she do it?

Cooking is one of the hardest parts of marriage. Before I got married I either lived at home, in the dorms, with family, or managed to find some sustenance while living alone. Now that I'm married, I feel an internal pressure to have a meal on the table around dinner time. It does not need to be gourmet, just something edible.

Since our wedding four months ago (today), I've maybe done four meals completely on my own. My poor husband!

Here is my dilemma - my husband usually gets off work at 4pm, which seems too early to have dinner ready. He gets home at 4:30, we chat, then suddenly it's 5:15, almost time to eat, and I have no idea what to cook.

I can follow a recipe, so technically, I can cook. Thus, cooking itself should not be an issue. If I planned out meals in advance I might have more success. We even own a crock pot and at least one slow cooker recipe book.

One of these days I will figure out the rhythm of feeding a (very small) family! Fortunately, I am blessed with a husband who is an excellent cook and very patient with me while I learn the different aspects of being a wife.

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Richelle said…
oh elizabeth! don't worry, you'll get it. can do my geology homework while i make dinner...sound good? :D haha
lextra said…
It IS hard coming up with something every day! Here are a couple of resources I like:

I have a (free) email subscription to Dinner Tonight, which sends a suggested dinner recipe to me five days a week in the morning! Not that I always like or want to use their recipes, but sometimes they are just the idea I need. If you want to try it, go to:
and click on the My Recipes Dinner Tonight newsletter.

Also, do you know about ? In addition to having umpteen thousand recipes (which can be overwhelming), it has some very useful sections that you can access from the home page when you want a dinner idea. Take a look at: Quick & Easy, Easy Menus, Fast Dinners, Most Popular, and Buzz Box.

I usually try to pick a recipe before going to work in the morning because I can shop for food on my way home from work and then I don't get hit with the 5 p.m. "I have no idea what to make for dinner tonight" blues.

And... don't underestimate the pleasure of cooking together! Jim and I cook most of our meals together, even though after all this time I would have no trouble doing it myself. A fun way to unwind from a long day, creating food together!

Elizabeth said…

Those are some great ideas! I have heard of Epicurious, liked it, and found the sheer numbers of recipes a little overwhelming. Dinner Tonight sounds perfect - even if I don't use the recipe, it can be a springboard for other options.

Cooking with someone else is always more fun. We enjoy it, too. As long as I eat before I cook I should be ok. :)

lextra said…
Glad you like the idea of Dinner Tonight. There's another email service like that that I used to use. It's called the Daily Dish from the web site . You have to register (for free), then you can click on Get Your Daily Dish to sign up. Your bringing up this issue has inspired me to start "getting my daily dish" again.

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