Wedding Book

This year we decided to give all of our family a copy of our wedding album for Christmas. Not only is it a timely gift, it is also fairly inexpensive.

I spent several days researching what online company to use for the album. After looking at a dozen websites, I decided to go with Blurb. They have an easy program to download called BookSmart.

BookSmart was incredibly simple. I could choose what layout I wanted on each page (unfortunately there were limited options), drag a photo to the photo box, zoom the photo to fit, and that was about it.

The largest investment was time. We have over 1,500 photos from our photographer, almost all of them fantastic, so it was a challenge to find the best photo.

Last night I finished the album and ordered it for our family members. Hooray for finishing Christmas shopping!


Ethan said…
Nothing beats a personalized gift!

Oh, I like the back cover "I do" idea!

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