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About 8:30 this morning I left our house to take a walk. The wind yesterday seemed to bring in winter. I only lasted five minutes outside before I turned around, came home, grabbed a hat, mittens, and hot tea.

After warming up, I ventured back outside to complete my walk. Every day I pass the above fort. I have no idea if it is a playhouse for kids, or an actual house.

When I left home for the real walk at about 9:15am, the temperature was 32.2 degrees. It never warmed up. It was so cold and windy that at times I raised my eyebrows and opened my mouth in a silent expression of frozen pain. (I'm sure the open mouth did not help raise my temperature.)

But...the bosque was gorgeous. As you can see, the leaves are in full color and absolutely spectacular.

I came home and started to tidy up the house. I love our home! The walls are 18 inches thick, we have a kiva fireplace, the wood floors are so delightfully old we need to put cardboard under almost every piece of furniture to level it.

A few days ago we bought a bedspread! For the last week and a half we debated between a quilt, comforter, and duvet. In the end the quilt was most practical, very affordable, and fits the room well.

After cleaning the house, running errands, and somehow staying busy for hours, I decided to bake. This is the (still hot) Apple Spice Cookie Bars from Good Things Catered. So far I've only tried the dough, but that was delicious.

Right now I am letting my newly painted red toenails dry in preparation for an event tonight. One of my husband's co-workers had four extra tickets to the Weem's International Art Fest. The guest of honor is Jane Seymour (Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman was one of the only late night TV shows I could watch periodically as a child). The free tickets turned into a perfect opportunity for a surprise date night. I love being married!


Richelle said…
i LOVE the fireplace!

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