Life is Busy!

This weekend was incredibly busy. Although I had grand plans to get caught up with our wedding to do list, figure out other wedding details, and actually catch up with friends, I feel like nothing was completed.

Friday we went to adult night at Explora, the children's science museum in town. It was enjoyable, though the exhibits have not changed much since the other two adult nights. I doubt we will go again until a new exhibit arrives. After a long week, we needed to have one night out. We also watched Dirty Dancing Havana Nights because of our Latin dance class. The movie is ok, but not great.

We spent most of Saturday looking for a house or apartment to rent after the wedding. I don't know how many we have looked at by now, but it feels like we should have something. The two places we started to get excited about fell through. I know God has a place for us picked out, but I wish our timing coincided.

Sunday we had our last pre-marital counseling session. I cannot believe the wedding is in less than three weeks. After church we had lunch with a couple we have wanted to get to know better for months. Once lunch ended, we worked on wedding details until after 9 pm.

The stress is really getting to me. I know everything will fall into place, but I cannot imagine how we will get everything done. Most of the items on the list cannot be passed along to someone else. We have to do them ourselves.

So, if someone is reading this that has not heard from me recently, I am so sorry I have not called you. I am completely overwhelmed right now. Once life calms down, I promise I will get back in touch.

Despite how challenging this season is, I am getting married to the love of my life! All of this work is leading up to my marriage, and that makes it all worthwhile.

This photo is not of me, but it is called,
"Self Portrait as a Stressed-Out Bride-To-Be".
Very appropriate.

Photos are all courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons


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