Silver City, New Mexico

The weekend was a success. It turns out Silver City is about a five hour drive from Albuquerque if you stop to eat. We left Albuquerque at about 4:20 (missed rush hour traffic) and stopped for dinner in Hatch, New Mexico.

Hatch is where all "Hatch Green Chile" comes from. The town itself is tiny, poor, and lacks vitality. Chile fields line the sides of the road next to trailer parks and stores with graffiti windows. We had a hard time finding anywhere open for dinner, even though it was around seven on a Friday night.

Eventually we found a small Mexican restaurant open. We battled flies for our food, but enjoyed (very hot) chile rellenos and some sort of meat dish. Everyone at the restaurant spoke Spanish. I must have been on the few people lacking that skill.

A little before 9:30 we arrived at my fiance's sister's house. The stars were incredible - except for camping in the middle of nowhere, I have rarely seen the Milky Way so brilliant. We all stargazed until the chill drove us inside.

Saturday we had breakfast at Diane's Cafe in downtown Silver City. My fiance has two nephews - a 2 1/2 year old and a 1 year old. His sister was at a health fair but we enjoyed breakfast with his brother-in-law and nephews.

After brunch, we explored Silver City with his sister. Our first stop was the Silver City Museum. The highlight for me was the tower at the top of the house. It was a very small room, probably seven by seven (my space estimates are often incorrect). From the tower, we could see almost all of Silver City.

The museum also had some photos from the flood of 1903. In 1903 a flood wiped out the original Main Street. Heavy rains suddenly washed down the street, opened up a chasm in the earth, and all the buildings except for one were destroyed.

After the museum, we explored several art galleries in the same area. Silver City has become an art town. It reminded me of a small Boulder, Colorado. Very hippie, organic, and artsy with some money.

We poked around in galleries then stopped at a coffee shop for drinks. What a delight to find multiple coffee shops in a small town! After college in Washington State, where you can find a coffee shop every several blocks, Albuquerque is coffee-less.

Of course the drinks at Java-Lina were not cheap, we thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and refreshment.

There is a wild pig named a Javelina. It is called Javelina because of its sharp tusks - it means spear or javelin in Spanish. The Java-Lina had several Javelina heads on the wall. Classy.

After our caffeine break, we went into a dress and hat store. The store specializes in dresses from the 50s and 60s, with hats from the 30s and 40s. We spent almost an hour trying on dresses. ("We" being me and my future sister-in-law. My fiance took photos of us in the hats.)

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing at the house. To the right is a photo of the hammock I enjoyed lounging in. They have a beautiful view from their front deck. It is also a prime location to watch stars and satellites at night.

Saturday night was quiet - dinner, playing with the boys, star watching, and an early bed time. (I was in the guest room on a very comfortable bed, my fiance got the not as comfortable pull-out bed in the spare bedroom.)

When we drove to Silver City we took the long route without any mountain driving. On the return drive, we went directly through the mountains. I never used to feel icky on car trips. Yet some reason, I did not enjoy the very curvy mountain roads. The drive was beautiful, but a little long. The photo on the left is taken when we stopped during the mountain driving to take in some fresh air.

We both enjoyed getting away for the weekend. It truly felt like a mini-vacation. This week will be full of work and wedding planning again.

I am now back at the courthouse for jury duty. We are allowed to bring in our computers, so I am taking full advantage of that privilege. Wednesday should be my last day of jury duty. Alas, no cases yet.


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