Thoughts About Painting

My first real drawing during art class was the bust of a gold, Egyptian bull, taken from King Tut's tomb. As you can see, it was rather rough.

I always had a passion for art, though it has taken different forms. In preschool I drew people that you would not know are any form of life, if my mom had not written "Elizabeth and Mom, age 3" on the bottom. The drawings consisted of a roundish shape, the body, stick arms, and dots for facial features.

During early elementary school I started taking private art lessons with a local illustrator who was originally from Britain. Classes were limited to three students. Every Friday afternoon I had art lessons. Regardless of how I felt during the week, I came home from art class relaxed, centered, and happy.

As I continued art lessons, I came to love art even more. My eye for details improved as well. For one assignment, my art teacher put a glass of water in front of a bookshelf full of magazines. Instead of simply seeing water in a glass, I saw colors, patterns, and refractions through the glass.

I did not enjoy all the assignments. For years I resisted learning perspective. Once I finally overcame my fear, I enjoyed it. Perhaps Geometry helped.

Below are some of my favorite drawings and paintings.

While discussing career ideas with my mom, she has mentioned art. I do love art and enjoy losing myself in the process of creating. Earlier today I was on a site of artists that are committed to one drawing or painting a day ( It reminded me, again, of the joy I find painting.

I may have good intentions, but it is so hard to sit down and paint. Perhaps a class would be the necessary motivation to actually get back into art.

For now, I will enjoy the art of others, look into classes, and not be afraid to follow my passion.


Richelle said…
elizabeth! i'm so glad you started blogging again. and, i LOVE your watercolor of the cows!!! soooo precious. is it from a picture you took? now we can be inspiration for each other to keep making art.
love ya-richelle

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